About Shipping Method

We use Air Freight to transport the goods / packages to destination countries, and then submit to local courier (to the US by UPS/Fedex, to the UK by Royal Mail / DPD, to the other European countries by DHL/DPD) for delivery for vape pens, vape batteries, distillate syringes,  and / or cartridges. It takes 10 – 15 days for delivery for shipping to most of the countries. Our shipping agent will clear the customs and pay the tax, you do not need to pay the tax, just waiting for the packages to arrive at your door step.

 DHL shipping (5 – 7 business days) for concentrate packaging, pre-roll packaging, edibles packaging, and Mylar bags. Sea shipping is also available for large quantity order of concentrate packaging, etc. Sea shipping is much cheaper, but takes longer time (30 – 45 days). The products are mainly selling to North America, Europe and Australia.  Now only take 13-18 working days by Sea to Thailand .

Which Countries we can ship ?

USA, Canada, European Countries(UK, France, Spain, Poland, Netherlands, Italy, Germany, France, etc.), Dubai, South Africa, Thailand, Vietnam, Japan, Philippines, Indonesia,Malaysia, etc

 If you are from other countries/regions, please get in touch with us for shipping costs.


Shipping Cost


The shipping cost mostly depends on the shipment’s gross weight and shipping destination.

For shipments under 21kgs (kilograms), the shipping cost calculation is based on 0.5kgs. The formula is: X+(Y-0.5)/0.5*Z. 

X=1st 0.5kgs cost

Y=shipment gross weight (Kilogram)

Z=shipping rate on each additional 0.5kgs


For example 

To the USA, the initial 0.5kgs cost is usually around US$35, and the additional cost is US$7 per 0.5kgs.

 For 15kgs to USA, the shipping cost is: 35+(15-0.5)/0.5*6=US$209

 For shipments above 21kgs, the shipping cost calculation is based on 1kgs. The formula is: Y*Z.

Y=shipment gross weight (Kilogram)

 Z=shipping rate each Kilogram

 For example

 To UK, the shipping rate is 10 USD/KGS.

 For 22kgs to the UK, the shipping cost is: 22*10=US$220

 Generally, the heavier the shipment gross weight the lower the shipping cost for each item of product.

If you need to save the shipping cost, we also can take mixed shipping methods, some urgent by air, and others can ship by sea.


Delivery Time


The delivery time includes order processing time and shipping time.

 Usually, the processing time is 2 – 15 business days depending on the order quantity and products; the shipping time is 5 – 10 business days. 

It will be delayed if the shipping company are out of shipping space or if some holidays are coming.

For more details, plz feel free to contact our sales. we are always here with you.